Carron Valley Fishery

The Carron Valley Private Members Fishing Club is one of the most unique places in Scotland to fish for some of the best top water action wild brown trout.

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Unique & Exclusive Carron Valley wild brown trout boat & bank fishing membership.

Carron Valley Fishery is one of the best wild brown trout fishing clubs in Scotland only 25 miles from Edinburgh and 25 miles from Glasgow, nestled between Denny and Fintry. The Carron (East) and Randyford (West) dams were constructed in 1939 to form Carron Valley Reservoir at over a 1000 acres in size. The wild trout are hard fighting, fin-perfect, naturally fed, and range in size from small to a very exciting 6lb.

As of 2021, Carron Valley Reservoir is an exclusive private membership fishery and you can apply for your membership now. The membership has been very good for the anglers in that they respect the trout, the boats and the other anglers equally. Our valued members have appreciated the added exclusivity and finesse too.
No day rods are available on Carron Valley Fishery as of May 2021 ongoing.



Fishing the loch

Fly only, the anglers that fish Carron Valley are there for the wild aspect of the trout.
Hike along the South shore through the forest and follow the paths into the idyllic secluded bays to stalk the feeder burn mouths, or along the roadside (where parking and foot access is easy), in the Summer months with big terrestrial flies in the margins. Alternatively, head out on one of the fleet of Coulam boats and drift into the fish on your own or with friends and family for the ultimate Carron Valley experience.
Mornings and evenings are naturally the optimum times, but that’s not to say the daytime will be less productive, just change your tactics.



Boat fishing

To fish from the boat, members need to book their fishing date to guarantee a boat is prepared and allocated to them. Up to three anglers per boat and life jackets are mandatory whilst enjoying all angling access. A first come first serve booking can be made online, by calling the fishery, or by appearing in person. The boats have 5hp Mercury LPG engines with plenty of gas provided, and they are also equipped with a set of oars, a net, and a paddle for drift adjustments. Dogues are not provided, they can be very helpful in a stronger breeze to slow you down, so feel free to bring one.

Bank fishing

Bank fishing can be very effective and is included in your season membership along with the option to book boats. There is unlimited bank fishing around the entire loch for members with no booking required, just turn up. The bank fishing can be so exciting especially in the Summer and Autumn months. There is little need to even get your feet wet, the fish can be cruising 1ft from the shoreline. Stalking, ambushing or bringing these wild browns to your stripped fly on Carron Valley can be sublime.

Rods on stand
“In Summertime the place is just bubbling with wild fish anywhere from 8” to 6lb. There can be a fish every two meters and sometimes ‘a fish a cast’ backed with phenomenal landscapes and sunsets.”
Rods on stand
Rods on stand


8-10ft fly rods from #3-8.
In Spring you will want to bring your sinking lines to get down to the fish. Di7’s and fish deep. Pulling mini lures, Shuggies, Carron Bunnies, the Humongous and Yellow Dancers all provide great sport.
The Summer and Autumn months are when Carron Valley Fishery comes into its own with the topwater action being quite special. Bring your full floating line and a selection of Foam Daddies, black Hoppers, Hawthorn Flies and other terrestrials. Be prepared to strip the hoppers very fast, and a dead drift Daddy can be deadly as close as a foot from the shore. “Hang on tight!” says Jimmy, “…some of the cruisers are really big.”
No drogue is provided, so bring your own if you wish.
Bring welly boots or waders (however wading deeper than your ankle is not required for bank fishing), suitable fishing apparel is recommended.




Due to our location, weather conditions can have a lot to do with the fishing at Carron Valley Fishery. From a calm breeze to a gale and a 4ft swell, it all can happen very quickly. If the wind picks up whilst out on the boat, anglers can take the boat into the shore and fish from there until the squall passes. You really do fish to the conditions at Carron, so be prepared with a range of techniques if the forecast is mixed. In saying this, whatever the conditions, there is always a chance at fish, even in the most unlikely weather some anglers have had some of the best fishing of their lives. Great stories have come from anglers in bright hot still days to side on rain and 40 fish for the outing!


Discover Carron Valley Fishery

Carron Valley Fishery

Fishing Lodge

Carron Valley


Meet The Owner

Jimmy Feeney

Fishery owner

Jimmy genuinely cares about Carron Valley as a fishery, but also as an exemplary ecosystem to be shared by good people that appreciate it as he does. Upon your arrival, and over a cuppa, Jimmy will welcome you, give you a bit of advice on what and where has been fishing well, and point you in the direction of the necessary facilities. He also supplies all that you may need in the little shop on site.
His passion for angling comes from a lifetime of fly fishing, and having competed representing the Scottish team, you know there is knowledge and experience behind his recommendations.


At the fishing lodge there is everything you could need.

  • Free parking
  • Shop – flies, fly lines, tippet etc.
  • Tea, coffee and kitchen facilities
  • Comfortable lounge area
  • Trophy and photo walls
  • Life vests
  • Toilets

Carron Valley Masters

The Carron Masters is an annual competition for members with a cash prize. This is held on Tuesday evenings June /July , 6/10pm fishing. 10 heats to qualify , 2 semifinals, and a final with food and drinks afterwards to determine who the true Carron Master is! Full catch and release competition.

Competition Dates for 2021:

Heat One Tuesday evening 15th June 06:00 Pm Start
Heat Two Tuesday evening 22nd June 06:00 Pm Start
Heat Three Tuesday evening 29th June 06:00 Pm Start
Heat Four Tuesday evening 27th July 06:00 Pm Start
Heat Five Saturday evening 31st July 06:00 Pm Start
Heat Six Tuesday evening 3rd August 06:00 Pm Start
1st Semi-Final Saturday evening 7th August 06:00 Pm Start
2nd Semi-Final Saturday evening 14th August 06:00 Pm Start
Final Saturday evening session 21st August 06:00 till 10:00 Pm 

First Place Prize: £500

£15.00 Entry Fee

£15.00 Fishing Fee per Heat and Semi-Final

If you don’t qualify on your first heat you can enter any of the other heats or fish them all if you want. The more heats you fish the better you get. You only have to pay the entry fee once. 

Members get registered ASAP.


Top Tips

  • Favourite casts:
    • Yellow Dancer on the point, black Hopper in the centre, Kate McLaren on the bob.
    • Foam Daddy with 2 black Hoppers for a slow retrieve, or dead drift.
    • Dunkeld Sparkler plus 2 black Hoppers for a fast retrieve.
  • Strip as fast as you can – “if you’re not catching fish, you’re not stripping fast enough”. Strip so fast your hand hurts and the takes can be phenomenal.
  • Don’t give up in poor weather, simply vary your tactics. There is always a chance to catch fish at Carron Valley Fishery.
  • Book your boat as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Limited availability.
  • Boat and bank fishing can be just as effective as each other.

“All around the loch you’ll find different strains of these unique wild trout – some with yellow bellies, some silver, the spots are all different, such remarkable fish these Carron Valley wild Brownies!”


What are the allowed fishing times?
Throughout the entire season it is daylight fishing hours only.
What is the fishing season?
15th March to 5th October inclusive 7 days.
Are landing nets provided?

In the boat, yes. If you choose to bring your own, it will have to be dipped at the fishing lodge. Bank anglers should bring their own net, dip this at the lodge also.

Is the loch exclusive to us?
It is exclusive to club members.
Can I fish privately if there is a competition on?

If you are a club member, you can bank fish on competition days and not be included in the competition. All of the boats will be allocated to the competition anglers.

What facilities are in the hut?
Kitchen, toilets, tea and coffee, shop and reception.
Is there a loo available?


Can I bring my family and friends to fish with me if I’m a member?

You are encouraged to introduce new members to the fishery. Please ask the fishery in advance for permission to bring a guest.

Are there any shops locally?
There is not much in the way of groceries or convenience shops, cafes or outlets near Carron Valley Fishery. Please stock up for your day prior to arrival.
What are the local surroundings like?

You are on top of the world and exposed to the elements, and with that comes the most incredible open skies and sunsets. The River Carron flows out of the loch towards Denny, Larbert and out to the Forth Estuary. At the other end of the loch (west) the River Endrick flows past the dam wall and through Fintry to eventually meet Loch Lomond.

Is it likely to be cold?
The fishery is at the top of the mountain and is exposed, so please prepare for all conditions.
How do I get there?

The fishery is located on the B818 which runs from Denny to Fintry. The lodge is at the East dam wall hamlet and is signposted. 

Is there wifi?


Is there mobile reception?
For some networks there is limited signal. Do not rely on the signal.
Can I bring my dogs?
Yes, however be wary of your surroundings and farmland. Dogs are permitted in the lodge and are to be kept off of the furniture.
Can I have a day rod?

No, the fishery is a private membership. Applications must be made to the fishery. However, the annual membership is exceptional value.

What is vehicle access like?

All cars can be used on the fishery along the B road that lines the North shore. There are parking spaces along this road too. There is no vehicle access to the South shore, a walk is required if you are a bank rod, or book a boat and beach wherever you like. 

Exclusive Offers

10% Off B&B

There is a 10% discount at Bed & Breakfast Drum Farm for anglers staying.

Availability & booking

The fishery is exclusive to members of the Carron Valley Private Members Fishing Club (“the club”).
In order to fish the loch bank or boat, you must be a member.
In order to book a boat you must also be a member.

There is a small administration fee for a boat booking that also pays for your fuel. Boat bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis.

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Book a Boat

Members can fish the banks at no extra cost anytime throughout the season, even during a competition day. Boats are charged per day per boat.

Recent photos from the fishery

Some Site Photos donated by Ronnie Anderson and Hugh McCann – Thank you.

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To sign up to occasional availability emails or any other enquiries, please let us know here:

Email: fishing@carronvalleyfishery.com

Phone: 07539360448 (Fishery Manager)